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Relic Portals & Authors Bag Publishing

It is a great day when Relic Portals joins with Authors Bag Publishing creating a great new portal for Authors to present their work and Relic Stores as a complete eCommerce eStore system.

Relic Portals is a free website hosting service that works in conjunction with Relic Stores.

Relic Stores is your Free eStore, eCommerce Portal that helps promote your eCommerce Store. At Relic Stores we have a simple slogan that represents all of Relic Enterprize portals: Buy. Sell. Be Happy! Start today, set up a great webpage and link it into your eStore.

Joining Relics Profits Center though “Get Paid To Shop or by simple becoming a member/customer or Relic Stores, you are automatically a member of Relic Financial, Relic, is your sales and marketing arm for Relic Enterprize LLC and Relic Portals. Join Relic Enterprize in the most lucrative and secure marketing program in the world. There are no get rich quick schemes, just a program that you can build on, and all your building is protected with a LifeTime Business Contract. Simple, you can keep, give away, sell or will it to your family. Look at your business as a business and your marketing partnership with Relic. Business are valued at 5 to 10 years their Gross sales. With a small business only doing $5,000 in income a month, your simple business can be valued at $60,000 yr which gives it a minimum Bankable value at $300,000…

Are you serious about security for the future? Tired of unkept promises?

Then it is time to take a look at the opportunities at Relic Stores eStores and/or Join Relic Financial and one of the most creative marketing programs of all times.

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